Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu

A holiday
for the mystical Lake Suwa
to soothe your soul.

Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu

Take a free visitation bus
to experience the essence of
the many Suwa Shrines.

Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu

Enjoy drinks
in the fantastic lounge.


Enjoy a soothing,
peaceful stay watched over
by the mystical Lake Suwa.

Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu is located in Suwa City along with other historical spots such as the Suwa Taisha Shrines and Takashima Castle. A source of pure spring water and meals that richly express the traditional food culture. Rooms overlooking the beautiful Lake Suwa…
Enjoy a luxurious, joyful, and relaxing time at a hotel with mature sensibilities.

photo Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu
photo Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu Onsen


A blissful time lounging merrily
in warm water

Bisui is Shinyu’s own source of spring water. Enjoy a long hot bath in pale jade-colored water that is smooth and soft to the touch.

photo Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu Dining


Learn the wisdom of Shinshu
Taste the ingenuity
The best dining in Japan for health and longevity

Relax and enjoy gently seasoned dishes that make the most of local ingredients in a spacious private room with your travel partners or family.

photo Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Traditional Japanese Beauty
together with
the Beauty of Art Deco

A broad range of guest rooms are available, including rooms with open-air baths overlooking the lake and furnished in a manner that integrates the decorative aesthetics with Lake Suwa, as well as a variety of other unique and reasonably priced rooms.

photo Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu Facility Guide

Facility Guide

The entire hot spring hotel is dedicated
to providing a soothing atmosphere
that it invites you to soak in.

Various considerations have been made
to ensure that all guests can enjoy themselves while placing importance
on relaxation as a hot spring hotel.

What’s New

Free Visitation Bus to the Four Suwa Taisha Shrines

Free Visitation Busto the Four Suwa Taisha Shrines

Shinyu-go is a free shrine visitation bus operated by the hotel. This spacious bus is available to take you around to the four Suwa Taisha Shrines.

Details 矢印
Free Visitation Bus to the Four Suwa Taisha Shrines


2-6-30 Kogandori, Suwa City,
Nagano Prefeccture 392-0027
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